Online & Paper English


More than 30 activities to use in online classes (in Power Point format) or to use in the classroom (in PDF format).

What will you find in the bundle?

Varied and entertaining activities for almost all levels and ages: the classic multi icon boards from the 50 games in English pack, dice, wheels, videos and conversation boards, worksheets… You will find many transversal activities, that is, you will not only practice English but also culture, history, geography, maths, emotional intelligence…  That is why you will always find one that suits the interests and needs of your students.

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The same board games that you can find in 50 Games in English: be the first to find an image on a board where there are almost 200. Here you have the Food version and House and Clothes version.

Digital option: a dice with all the images on the board in a random way. Wheels with phrases like ‘Look for something that …’ among the images on the board. And 2 or 4 dice with all the icons to tell stories like “story cubes”.
Paper option: Print the board game and all its chips with the icons. Here is a guide with more than 20 activities.

Do you remember the board game with 99 verbs? Well now you can find it with vocabulary, famous characters, country flags … allong with a dice and a wheel to get the most out of it!

Online option: on the screen you will have the board game and right next to it a wheel with questions about the boxes on it.
Paper option: roll a die on the board game and answer on the square where the die has landed. Print the spinner and follow this tutorial to create an arrow that spins in a totally random way. You will only need a pin and a paper clip 😉

The most popular activity of conversation. Fun and interesting questions to work on different verbal tenses such as the past or conditional, personal information,  self-esteem and self-concept…

Online option: just videos. Pause to get a random question on the screen. You can use it on your phone, tablet or computer because it is a simple mp4 that you have to pause.
Paper option: a deck of flashcards with one question each.

Spin both wheels at the same time and get a question about vocabulary, history or a mathematical operation.

Online option: just press the button to spin and stop the wheels and answer the question you got from both.
Paper option: Follow this tutorial to make a physical board game with cardboard, pins and paper clips.



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