💂In English, please!

This is a selection of the resources most downloaded on the website and most requested for English class. 

If you miss any activity, you can text me and tell me your idea.


Phrasal verbs

One of the biggest nightmares for Spanish speakers! You can also crop the boxes

A or B?

Explain what each image means, say which of the two options you prefer and

Bingo about me

Step 1: each student fills in his / her card with the correct options

Guess the country

Complete the worksheet thinking about a country. The rest of the classmates have to

For online classes or using a projector in the classroom

Let’s conjugate

Press the dice and get a number.Look for this number on the boardgame to get a verb.And spin the wheel

Find more than 30 activities to use in online classes (in Power Point format) or in the classroom (in PDF format).

She's got the book!

Find this super game bundle with boardgames, flashcards, worksheet, blank templates and more than 50 ideas for your English class.

Para estudiantes de inglés

It’s just a A4 paper size that students will have to fold in half and that can be stood on their classroom desk to check everything they need & Illustrated dictionaries in English. More than 400 words in each mini-dictionary 😉.